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RF Module,Wireless module,FSK RF Module,2.4G Radio module
Wireless turnkey solution supplier, wireless application design and consultation, Wireless Modules (BLE4.0 Module, GPRS Modules, WIFI Module, ISM Band Module,ZIGBEE Module,Private Protocol, 10M-3KM Module, 169M,315M,433M,2.4G,5.8G Wirelss Module). Our radio module products cover wide range of radio frequency, support great varieties of modulation and protocol, all radio modules are designed and built with high quality radio IC and MCU (include SILICONLAB, TI, CHIPCON, ATMEL,NORDIC,Ember)
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Welcome to RF World
3 Channels 433M Wireless temperature sensor  2018/4/17
3 Channels wireless temperature sensor and max to support 7 channels. Max Distance is 800 meters.
Wireless temperature sensor with LCD Display  2018/4/17
Ultra Lower power 12UA (LCD ON); Temperature , Battery ,ID can be displayed by turns; 500 meters transmite distance , Both NTC and 18B20 are supported.
Wireless Temperatuer Sensor (NTC or 18B20)  2017/3/23

BDHDV20 wireless temperature sensing module: 1. (18B20) and 10K NTC digital thermometer (3950) automatic selection (high precision 12BIT), can be customized for human or animal temperature (need offset correction) 2. battery (2.7-3.6V), if the distance not far away, 1.8v can be used.  3. transmission distance: 500 meters straight. 4. sensors, various configuration with a serial port (temperature interval, transmission interval, temperature threshold) 5. lower static power consumption to 4UA.

Small Size wireless data module (WM24TRS_S03B) re  2014/8/18

 Function  Wireless Data modules , Forward function , Easy to bulid start wireless net work.  It can meet  FCC, CE, KCC, NCC, SRCC .   Keyword  RF Modules, Radio frequnecy Module , Small size ,  lower power conusption . 

BLE4.0 UART Module Connect to Andriod 4.3  2014/7/3

 BLE4.0 Module Connect to Andriod4.3 system , please see linke for video from youku.    Key word:  BLE4.0 , Blue low energery Module , BLE4.0 Data Module , BLE4.0 UART Module.  Andrios  system. 

Wireless Smart Light Control system  2013/11/8

 1 point control mult-Reivers ,  Support mult-Trig ways.:  Body sensor , Key , Remote , 485 Bus Line , Mobile, Internet. Distance reach 1KM and can be extend with re-transmitter device.   Ultra Static Power consumption: 10ua  (25 years standardby with 2 AA Battery) .   Key word: Light control ,  1 contorl multi-devices,  Low power , Long Distance,  Network control

IOS App of Weighter scale is release on Apple Sto  2013/7/25

Weighter Scale IOS App Link:   Keyword:  BLE, Bluetooth4.0 Uart Module ,  Weighter scale,  IOS Application.

Rohs Certification Upated  2013/7/18

Rohs certification upated to 10,July,2013

Ultra Small Size BLE Module is release  2013/7/8

Small size BLE Module :  Chip is CC2541 or CC2540   Key word:BLE Module , Bluetooth 4.0 Module , CC2540 Module , CC2541 Module , Bluetooth Data Module , BLE4.0 Data Module, BLE , Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Module,CC2540 BLE Module, CC2541 BLE Module, Bluetooth 4.0 UART Module , Bluetooth 4.0 Data Module, BLE 4.0 Control Module , IPAD, IPHONE BLE 4.0 Connect  Module , BLE4.0 Transmparence Data Module.BLE4 Communicatin Module, Ultra small Size Bluetooth Module

1KM Nrf24l01 RF Module is release  2013/6/29

Don't need to add pin to control LNA and PA , Easy to update 1000KM module without changing firmware.  RF Output Power:  20Dbm(100MW) ; RF Revice sensitivity -104.  Keyword: 2.4G RF Module , Nrf24l01 RF Module , Nrf24L01+ RF Module , 20Dbm Nrf24L01 RF Module,  1KM RF Module, Nrf24l01 Wireless Modules.

CC1101_V9 RF module is release  2013/6/3

 868M ,915M CC1101  RF module is released , Antenna is on Board , Small Size .  Key Word: CC1101 Wireless Module , CC1101 RF Module , 868M RF Module ,915M Wireless Module , CC1101, CC110L,  Wireless  Transmit mdoule , Wireless Data Module , Ultra Small Size RF Module , Radio frequnecy.

BLE4.0 Data Moudle is Release  2013/5/27

BLE4.0 Data Module can be used as device .   There are 3 version firmwares here , Please contact us before chosing the different Firmware.   Key Word: Bluetooth 4.0 Module, BLE Modules,  BLE 4.0 Transparent  Transmit Module, BLE 4.0 Control Module , BLE 4.0 Communicate Module.  IPHONE ,IPAD Control Module .



Design Product
Design and development
WM2500LP7 is upating  2018/4/17
1/3 distance can be added .
BLE4.0 and Bluetooth 2.1 Combine module  2015/3/2

 Combine module is able to  connect IOS and anriod perfectly. 

Keyword: BLE4.0  , Bluetoot2.0  Data module , IOS , Apple,  Andriod

one to many (wireless data acquisition system)  2014/7/3

   Host is able to connected thousands slave machines for data exchange. According to the need of the user, improvement rate and power consumption: 1S: exchange data from 200 slaves  or  Lower power conusmtpion work:  <10UA .  It used for wireless sensor acquisition system , Smart Home , Wireless control..etc

2.4G Active RFID Tag used for tanker for sealing a  2014/3/10

 A tanker with 6-20 electronic tags to transmit sensor information and punch information, low-power electronic tag 15UA, readers can wake up and read the corresponding label information within 20 meters.

CC1101 4W (36DBM) Wireless Module is in Design  2013/7/25

   CC1101 4W (36DBM) Wireless Module  Keyword: RF Power: 4W , LNA : 10Dbm, Distant: 8-10KM, Wireless Module ,RF Module , 433M Wireless Module , CC1101 RF Module ,CC110L Wirelss Module , Ultra Long distant wireless Module , LNA RF module , Sub 1G RF Module.

WM2500LP8,2.4G High Power RF Module (100MW, 1KM, S  2013/6/26

2.4G 100MW RF Modules with LNA .  Small Size: 13.2*25*2.5mm , 100mw Poer , 12DBM LNA Gain ,  Chip: CC2500 , Keyword:  CC2500 RF Chips , CC2500 RF Module , CC2500 Wireless modules , CC2500 High Power Module, CC2500 Long distant Module,  Wirelss module , RF modules ,2.4G RF modules,

Ultra Small Size BLE Module is in design  2013/6/24

SIZE : 12MM*20MM*2.5mm  Chip: CC2540 , CC2541 Distant: 20M  Keyword: Ultra small Size, BLE 4.0 Module , Bluetooth 4.0 module , BLE Module , CC2540 Module, CC2541 Module,  CC2540 Wireless Module , CC2540 RF Module, CC2541 Wireless Module , CC2541 RF module

Ultra Small Size CC1101 Wireless module is in desi  2013/5/27

Key Word:  CC1101 Wirelss module , 868M Wireless Modules , 915M RF Modules , Ultra small Size Wirelss Module with  Antenna on Board,  Size:  13*16.5*3.6mm 

CC1120 Wireless Module is in desing phase  2013/2/17

Base on CC1120. It suit for long distance and high Datarate application.SUB1G ISM Band Wireless Module WM1120S01. It plan to release on  2013 Q1.

Message Control Lighting Module (GPRS,GSM) d  2013/1/14

Control and montior device by Mobile message ,  It suit for industrial control and measure . for example:  Lighting , Smart home , enviornment monitor , Data collector .   It include multi-inteface:  PWM Output , A/D Input , Digtial IO .

NRF24L01+ 20 Dbm PA+6 Dbm LNA is in design phase..  2013/1/4

Base on NRF24L01+ , PA and LAN . It suit for long distance and high Datarate application.NRF24L01+ PA (18-20DBM) +LNA (6DBM) 2.4G ISM Band Wireless Module WM24L01+LP01. It plan to release on  2013 Q1.

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