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Home » Products » RF Module » Wireless Digital FSK Module » 2.4G » Nrf24L01 RF Module (1KM,20Dbm)
Nrf24L01 RF Module (1KM,20Dbm)
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The WM24L01LP01 module is designed based on Nordic nRF24L01,Nrf24l01P radio transceiver IC,PA and LNA Chips. The application engineers can easily apply the RF module for its application without worrying about the specific impedance matching or soldering fine pitch related radio designing issues.

WM24L01LP01 Datasheet DownLoad

Donot need to add pin to control PA and LNA, Easy to update 1KM Distant without any Firmware change.


Data Rate: 250K, 1M, 2M     
RF Output Power: +20dBm 100MW
RF Receiver Sensitivity :
-92dBm sensitivity at 2Mbps
-95dBm sensitivity at 1Mbps
-104dBm sensitivity at 250kbps
Digital Interface:   SPI 4 Lines
Max Power Consumption : 100MA
Max Receiver Consumption: 17MA (LNA is Active)
POWER DOWN Consumption:2ua
Max Distant : 1000M ( 250Kbps and External Antenna)
Antenna: PCB Antenna on Board Or External Antenna
Size : 18*27*3mm
Application: RF Remoter, RF Data Transmit, RF audio application, Car Park System.



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Quality: Each module test 4 times before shipping it out. (Function test (2times), Frequency Calibration, Distant test)
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